The Effects Of Alcoholism On The United States

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Ariel Herrera Alcoholism in the United States Alcoholism has been a societal issue that does not discriminate in terms of boarders. Although it is an international problem, this paper will focus on its implications in the United States of America. Alcoholism is defined as an obsession or addiction to the intake of alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and behavior resulting from alcohol reliance (Adewale and Ifudu 2014). This paper analysis the demographic differences in alcohol engagement and it takes a medical standpoint in evaluating the illness. This research entails the consequences of the disease as well as symptoms and possible treatments. Alcoholism is an illness that attacks the family, and cripples them economically, psychologically and physically. By tying together the work of previous researchers in the field, this paper will render useful in understanding and recognizing the mental illness that impacts thousands of lives in the United States. Alcohol related deaths are the third leading preventable source of death in the United States. Sadly, 88,0009 people, roughly 26,000 women and 62,000 men, die from alcohol associated causes each year. In 2014, alcohol intoxication resulted in 31% of all driving mortalities in the United States (Daunais and Davenport 2014). Alcohol intersects capillary membranes by diffusion, affecting almost every organ system in the body and affecting cellular functions. Alcohol causes metabolic imbalances either directly,

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