The Effects Of Alcoholism On Underage Drinkers

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“Teens who drink don’t just drink. They drink to excess. More than 7 percent of eighth graders, 16 percent of sophomores, and 23 percent of seniors report recent binge drinking” (Karen Bellenir 65). Alcoholism continues to ruin the lives of underage drinkers; alcoholics in general are walking billboards to major companies that advertise their products, especially underage drinkers that in the process they mess up their lives, and make alcohol companies wealthier. Crimes, violence, and homicides are a result of alcoholism side effects taking over the lives of those who fall under the spell. Giving underage drinkers a false sense of security, self confidence, and maturity. At one point or another hitting rock bottom, walking up to a world they once belonged to, and cannot find a way to reincorporate in to it, leading them to commit suicide, vanishing one at a time without anyone noticing them. Alcoholics that trapped so deep in the spell of alcoholism are leaving a legacy behind for those who continue to make alcohol companies millions of dollars by ruining their lives, making the wrong investment every time they purchase a bottle of alcohol; to them an “alternative route” to mask any issues they might be encountering at a particular time in their lives, and to those alcohol-making companies they are walking fortune—a walking billboard. Advertisement ads for these products continue targeting not only the already alcoholics, but also targeting underage drinkers. These
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