The Effects Of Americans On Indian Life

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One cannot examine U.S. history without looking at the interactions between Native Americans and Americans. From colonization to industrialization, conflicts between these groups have always been prevalent. Indians have been stripped of their land, heritage and status. Our guns, germ and culture have killed them. One can see this power struggle in many pieces of literature. Two being, “Crazy Horse: A Life”, a secondary source focusing on a Sioux warrior Crazy Horse and the Plains peoples, and “Indian Trader John Lawson’s Journal of Carolina 1709,” a primary source that describes an English merchant’s encounter with Indians in Carolina. This paper will focus on the effects of Americans on Indian life.
“Crazy Horse: A Life” is a secondary source of information that tells the story of Sioux leader Crazy Horse and his tribe. As Whites invade their land for gold Crazy Horse has to find a way to keep his home. Throughout the source, Larry McMurtry, with little evidence, draws up the rise and fall of Crazy Horse. From early on it was evident of the whites’ were moving into the Plains peoples settlements, The author wrote, “…at first the pressure of white intrusion may have been subtle but and slight but it was present, and would be present throughout his entire life…” the Sioux people and others way of life was dying because of the settlements of white people on their land. Their settlements cause the game to leave the area, which in turn hurt the hunters of the tribe. With these
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