The Effects Of Anemia On The Levels Of Blood

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Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Stephanie Jackson Professional Communications (MLS 301L) University of Southern Mississippi Abstract Anemia is a decrease in the competence of blood to carry adequate amounts of oxygen to the tissue resulting from an insufficient concentration of hemoglobin (McKenzie & Otto, 2015). The Hemoglobin and hematocrit are used to screen for the presence of anemia. A small sample of blood in a capillary tube is needed for the hematocrit test and an anticoagulated tube of blood is used for the hemoglobin (Hematocrit, 2015). Both of these samples are then looked at using instruments in the laboratory to determine the amount of hemoglobin in the blood and the percent of hematocrit. Hemoglobin and…show more content…
A CBC test includes red blood count, white blood count, red blood cell indices, platelet count, hemoglobin, and hematocrit (Hematocrit, 2015). Depending on the results to these test results, additional tests may be suggested. The hemoglobin and hematocrit results are the values used the most to determine if a patient has anemia. When combined with information from the history and physical examine of a patient, results of these tests can give insight to a specific type of anemia and its cause (McKenzie & Otto, 2015). Body of Paper Hemoglobin is an iron containing protein that helps carry oxygen to the tissues in the body. Hematocrit, on the other hand, is a measurement related to total blood count. Hemoglobin and the hematocrit depend on the entire blood including plasma (Walker, Hall, & Hurst, 1990). Procedure Hemoglobin values are performed by a cell counter from a tube of EDTA-anticoagulated blood. All types of hemoglobin’s are converted to cyanomethemoglobin and measured by a colorimeter (Walker, Hall, & Hurst, 1990). A deficient example, whether because of lacking volume or insufficient anticoagulation, might give false readings. In the event that it is important to decide the level of frailty rapidly, the hematocrit is a simpler, more helpful test (Hematocrit, 2013). Hematocrit tests can be performed by a venipuncture or a finger stick (McKenzie & Otto, 2015). If a fingerstick is being performed, the finger is
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