The Effects Of Anger Management And Trauma On Younger Children

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Are more children susceptible to have problems more anger problems after having some type of trauma? Children who have experienced trauma tend to present problems related to the inability to manage emotions and aggressive behaviors. A child can experience one or more different types of trauma over several different years or at once. Trauma for a child can be physical, sexual, emotional, medical, disasters, terrorism and many more. Children who experience trauma react in both physiological and psychological ways. When children have reactions such as emotional upsets, depressive symptoms, anxiety, behavioral changes, difficulties with attention, and so on, these children with these reactions tend to relive their trauma. Their stresses from the trauma tend to interfere with their daily life. With tons of research being done every day, there are no studies I have found with the effects of younger children being more susceptible to anger management once a trauma has happened. I want to explore the effects of anger management and trauma on younger children and find out if younger children are more susceptible to have more anger problems once a trauma has happened. How does a younger child handle the stress of trauma as they get older or do they handle it well to being with the support of family and friends. Each child will be different and each outcome will be different. There is the old time saying they are too young to understand, however young children are effected by
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