The Effects Of Animal Abuse On A Slaughterhouse

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Few weeks ago, I watched a video clips about animal abuse in a slaughterhouse. It is so terrified the way people abuse animals and kill them either by manual or machine. Remarkably, these horrified images are obsessing me many days after. I just have a thought that why we need to kill animal for meat. Later on, I have found some research show that there are certain reasons which humans should not kill animals.
Food is the only nutritional source to maintain human 's’ life, and eating meat is one of critical food supplies to nourish our bodies. However, scientists have proven that humans are not physically created to consume it. In order to prove this fact, scientists brought the evidence that unlike carnivores that have sharp front teeth for tearing, without flat molar teeth for grinding, humans have no sharp front teeth, but they do have flat rear molars for grinding. The dog and cat as familiar examples for it. We can see that they have long, pointed canine teeth for catching prey and tearing the flesh. It turns out that humans are not omnivores; we are naturally herbivores instead. In fact, scientists have proven that our bodies digest system does not biologically support for eating meat, especially red meat. Carnivores, on the other hand, they have their natural strong acidic from stomach kill immediately bacteria from the meat, while humans also have acidic but it is weaken and only for digest fruit and vegetables. Another study indicates that due to our intestines
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