The Effects Of Animation On The Animation Industry, Men Are More Desired For Jobs Than Women Essay

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Average people that have little to no idea how animation is done still (hopefully) understand that it takes creativity, unique ideas, and most of all passion to do your job successfully. So it is my guess that one would be very surprised to find out that even in the animation industry, men are more desired for jobs than women. How can animation be dominated by a single gender? Men and women have great ideas, both can tell wonderful stories, and both can pull from their personal experiences and incorporate them to their work - so what reason would there be to discriminate against female artists? At this point the word "discriminate" may or may not be sudden of me to suggest, especially from the point of view of those who have trouble imagining such a thing happening in an industry such as this. My way of getting through to you would be to bring up facts here and now, so that we can start off on the right track. A quick break down of the animation workforce should help put this issue into perceptive. According to figures compiled for 2015 by the Animation Guild for WIA (Women in Animation), only 20% of the animation workforce is made up of women, which is questionable when it is known that 60% of students attending animation schools are women. A significant gap. To go into further statistics, it has been recorded that women make up 10% of all producing/directing positions, 17% of all writers , 21% of all art/designers and 23% of all animators. To look at these numbers as a
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