The Effects Of Anxiety During The Middle

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Caught in the Middle Pulling into the driveway, dark, shadowed lights on in the man cave; I picked out Dad sitting alone with nothing but the TV on. Bothered by life, he was escaping his problems by going out there every night. He knew he had to say something soon, but he didn’t want us to worry. I had a massive load of anxiety during this mess. The difficulty of putting my opinion into this situation put me into depression. By this time, my mom and dad hadn’t had a normal conversation in months without it ending up as an argument. Shutting us out of her life, not interested in our conversations, Mom kept to herself in her room. She would get home around seven p.m. and continue to work. Keep in mind that she left for work before we woke up in the morning. Between seven and eleven p.m., we had “family” time. Her withdrawing from us made me respect my dad a little more. I rushed home from work, deciding to vent to my dad about this stressful situation, I asked him the reasoning behind him always staying in the man cave at night. He mumbled, “Your mom kicked me out again.” She didn’t literally tell him to get out, but things improved when they kept their distance from each other. After sitting in silence for a while, he asked me what he should do about Mom. Beyond shocked that he would ask ME for MY opinion, it took me a moment to respond. I simply stated, being brutally honest, that he has to do what makes him happy. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to continue to
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