The Effects Of Anxiety On Adults And Adolescents From The Age Range Of 17

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The BAI [1993 Edition] was authored by Aaron T. Beck and Robert A. Steer, and is intended to measure the severity of anxiety in adults and adolescents from the age range of 17 through 80 years (Dowd, 1998). Clients respond to 21 statements assessed on a measure from 0 (Not at all) to 3 (Severely, I could barely stand it.). Each statement is an indicator of a personal, physical, or panic- related issues associated with anxiety. The client indicates how much he/she has been troubled by each issue throughout the past week including today, by marking an X to the agreeing measure of his/her anxiety symptom (Waller, 1998). The raw score is determined by adding the score for each item, which in turn determines anxiety level (Dowd, 1998). Anxiety level range from: 0-9 minimal, 10-16 mild, 17-29 moderate, and 30-63 severe (Leyfer, Ruberg, & Woodruff-Borden, 2006). Although the BAI is a brief self-report assessment, a clinician must have a qualification of level B in order to administer and score it (Waller, 1998).The test takes 5-10 minutes to administer with scoring options that include manual scoring or Q-global scoring and reporting, plus it is available to take in English or Spanish by paper and pencil, or through computer generated tests and it is suggested to be administered in an individual format (Julian, 2011). According to the Pearson Clinical Catalogue (2016), the cost for a complete kit, which includes manual and 25 record forms, is $131.00, both digital and regular…
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