The Effects Of Assimilation On Aboriginal People

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The Effects Of Assimilation on Aboriginal Peoples Thesis Statement Leanne Simpson’s “i am graffiti” emphasizes the effects of the attempted assimilation of the indigenous community, not only in Canada but around the world, and how the consequences of assimilation continue to haunt the community to this day. Works Cited Tunstall, Lee. "Discrimination against Aboriginal People: An Overview." Canadian Points of View: Discrimination against Aboriginal People, Jan. 2017, p. 1. EBSCOhost, ca&site=pov-can. Accessed Lee Tunstall provides insight regarding discrimination against Aboriginal people in Canada. The article recaps the history and hardships between European and Aboriginal groups, while discussing the beliefs of each of the groups. Additionally, Lee Tunstall reminds the reader of the harsh reality of the deculturalization, ranging from the development of residential schools, the banning of many important gatherings and cultural bans. Tunstall also mentions the continued discrimination of Aboriginal peoples today and how Canada still needs to continue to improve and rebuild the ties with Aboriginal people. The article also discus the rapid population growth of the many different Aboriginal populations and how they contribute to the modern day twenty-first century. Despite the fact that Lee Tunstall is not an aboriginal woman, she still continues to be a credible source, for she is apart of
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