The Effects Of Athletic Participation On Academic Performance

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The purpose of the literature review was to determined the effects of athletic participation on academic performance and if there were differences between the male and female athletes of the Mennonite High School. In order to determine whether participating in sporting events have an impact on the student’s academic performance, the researcher collected existing data during the sport season period, there the participants’ assessment grades (AG) were calculated. These scores were compared with the immediate post season average to see whether there was a significant difference between the scores received during and after participating in their various sporting activities. There were studies done that found that the participation of student athletes may not only have positive effects on their academic achievement but there may also be positive effects in other areas of their adolescent life. According to the National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS), students who became involved in sports or extracurricular activities promote lifelong lessons in teamwork, self-discipline; facilitate the emotional development of the youths. The National Federation of State High School uses several sources to support their claim that students who participate in activity programmes have better academic averages, better attendance records, a lower dropout rate and fewer discipline problems (NFHS, 2002, p.2). March (1992) found that students who participate in extracurricular
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