The Effects Of Attending A Secondary School Essay

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One incredibly important part of this particular study is that it does not provide any specific ways in which these effects take place (Stearns, 2010). This mental development is too broad to point out particular parts in the lives of student that will lead to this type of isolation. Instead, the study states that the process of attending a secondary school where diversity is low (or accurate to the diversity of the nation), will eventually lead the student to live in racial isolation. In one way this vagueness is helpful. Scouring through the lives and decisions of a particular student is not as necessary when it comes to predicting the possible demographics that they will live in for the rest of their lives. Instead, we can look at the secondary school, as a whole, that they are a part of to do the predicting for us, as well as show where a student will need to be given help if our society wants to break social fragmentation and, in turn, help develop the social cohesion of our nation. Finally, this research is valuable and the last on the list of main points because the study shows that the Perpetuation Theory continues in a cycle. If a student goes to a school with low diversity, it is likely that they will live in an area with similar demographics. Once that individual has settled in that area, according to the theory, they will send their children to schools with similar demographics as the school that they went to. Then, those children will live in neighborhoods
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