The Effects Of Autism On Children With Early Signs Of Autism

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For years there has been many speculations conveying that some vaccines, particularly Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) causes signs of autism. Many compelling concerns have been formulated from parents of children who received vaccines and associated noticeable changes in their children with early signs of autism. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the behaviour and cognition of children (Quinn, 2014). Autism impairs communication, interest and repetitive patterns of behaviour in a child’s socialization aspect of life (Quinn, 2014). Evidently, autism has shown a prevalent increase amongst children in question with environmental causes (Doja & Roberts, 2006). Hypotheses speculate the MMR vaccine, gastrointestinal infections, Thimerosal, mercury and exposure to the live virus all correlate to early signs of autism after given the vaccine. However, vaccinations are a preventive measure against severe viruses as related to SC/BIOL2900 course content. It is a harmless agent that triggers the immunity and stimulates the body’s defence mechanism against harmful viruses (Taylor, et al., 1999). This essay will present different perspectives of vaccinations and autism following the concluded reasons I believe that vaccinations do not cause autism and illustrate better implications that can be provided to parents with concerns of this non-warranted causation. One hypothesis expresses concerns of early signs of autism in the association with the MMR
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