The Effects Of Avoiding The Rule With Clear Example

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Abstract This paper is clarifying the effect of avoiding the rule with clear example, then presents different reason for why companies have to follow the rules and finally explain the social ethic statement from a company. Social and Ethical Responsibility We are living in 21 century, the age of innovation, growth, technology. Many companies and Multinational Corporation making the contract abroad to make more profit. Today, more people and nations are working together to make union principles to ensure a free world to protect individual property rights, encourage respect for human rights, the rule of law, and the environment. Although making more profit and getting a new projects are essential keys to be…show more content…
Labor and employment policies were set by the Indian government and the construction was managed and operated by Indian citizens. The operations of the plant were regulated by more than two dozen Indian governmental agencies; however, enforcement of environmental, health, and safety standards by UCIL Company was weak and ineffective. Maintenance procedures and record keeping at the plant were inadequate (Schaffer, Augesti, & Dhooge, 2014). In 1984, poisonous gas was released from the site and blew into the parts of the city of Bhopal. As a result, several thousand Indian citizens was killed and hundred thousand was injured (Schaffer, Augesti, & Dhooge, 2014). Four days after this accident, in April 1985, the Indian government filed a complaint in the federal courts in New York on behalf of the victims. UCC announce that the case should be heard in the courts of India due to the vast majority of material witnesses and documentary proof bearing on causation of and liability for the accident is located in India, not the United States, and would be more accessible to an Indian court than to a U.S. court. The records and all documents were written in Hindi or other Indian languages, understandable to an Indian court without translation. Also, the witnesses for the most part do not speak English but Indian languages understood by an Indian court but not by an American court. The district court agreed and dismissed the action. Heard
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