The Effects Of Bath Salts On Teenagers

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Dangers of Bath Salts Abuse in Teenagers Bath salts have become extremely popular among teenagers for the past 5 years. This is not the kind of substance that you use for bathing. These are synthetic cathinones that act similarly as a khat plant. They have similar effects as that of the other illegal substances which are covertly sold in parties, concerts and music festivals. Bath salts are usually sold as a white or off-white powder which is mostly in small plastic or foil packages that are packed as “not for human consumption”. It can also be referred by drug dealers as jewelry cleaners, plant food, or phone screen cleaner which can be bought online or headshops. There are just the terms they use to avoid being detected by the…show more content…
Being a stimulant, it is a drug of choice among people who wants to get “high” to clear their thoughts from any pain, disappointment or fear. Some individuals may feel that they could not go on with their lives having to deal with the everyday stress for which they turn to drugs with the hope of being relieved from all the negativities and be relaxed. It is quite common among teens to use bath salts because it can be a more inexpensive compared to other drugs. Users may find it easier to purchase bath salts since they can only be bought online at $20 per gram compared to other drugs which can be as high as $80 per gram. Facts and Figures on Bath Salts Abuse It was in 2010 when bath salt addiction became popular in the United States. Several reports revealed that there were people having unlikely behavior such as eating other people’s faces and all other erratic behaviors. Prior to this, bath salt addiction was never a public health concern nor any parent’s nightmare. • Over 22,000 ER visits in 2011 were reported by SAMHSA due to the use of synthetic cathinones. • It significantly dropped to 2,691 in 2012 and 996 in 2013. The decline continues until this time. • In 2012, 91 people were arrested and there were 167,000 bags of synthetic cathinone seized from the government operation. • There are over 150 new types of cathinones developed in 2012. • Bath salts use is common among people in their 20’s although there are also reported that at least 1%
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