The Effects Of Being On A Controlling Relationship

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The Negative Impacts of Being in a Controlling Relationship Every day, thousands of couples suffer through a controlling relationship in which one or both partners are the controlling recipient. A controlling relationship is one partner who does the dictating of actions while the other half suffers through their orders. The controlling one has the typical “it’s my way or the highway” philosophy, which is common among relationships. Now on the opposite side, their partner is forced to endure such actions due to the fact that they may like the controlling ways of their significant other. Whether one realizes it or not, the controlling ways of a partner in a relationship have consequences. I chose this topic because I have seen the dark side of a dictating relationship as it has circulated around my life for years on end. I recall watching “grown-ups” as a child and could easily spot when one half was being bossed as a kid would. I grasped on to the idea that I did not want to be ordered around like that when I was older and still reassuringly make amends of it. When I am casually dating and notice abnormal dictating signs beginning to occur with the opposite sex, advancements do not occur and I suggest that “we remain friends.” If you or someone you know suffers through a controlling relationship, these impacts and tips will be of a helpful source. The three negative impacts of being in a controlling relationship are decreases in self-esteem, resentment of one
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