The Effects Of Bereavement And Loss On Older People

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Person A within my placement at a residential home had just received bad news that her sister had died within the month of November. Observing their behaviour on a weekly basis while I was at work allowed me to interpret and analyse how their behaviour changed and when they experienced stress due to this loss. Bereavement and loss can have a major impact on older people, they are coping with the decline and death of close family members and friends but however they themselves are probably experiencing losses for example changes in their identity, status, relationship, lifestyles, independence and even energy. This loss of a loved one had a profound effect on the individual due to the bond they had as sisters, they relied on each other, they trusted each other when this bond is broke it can cause severe distress. This individual suffering the loss and bereavement became isolated and confined themselves to their room, and they neglected their personal care becoming more dependent however before this loss they were entirely independent. They became emotional and tended to cry and yearn for their loved one, or they were frustrated and agitated as they couldn’t cope with the difficulties, they experienced the feeling of anger or guilt from thinking they could have done more or they felt responsible. Through observing this individuals behaviour from experiencing bereavement and loss there are several stages an individual can go through, Bowlby’s Attachment Theory argues that these
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