The Effects Of Binge Drinking On College Campuses

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Successful or Unsuccessfully Bruffee unsuccessfully grabbed my attention because his persuasive ways were weak and ineffective. I find his persuasiveness to be imprecise with no correlation between binge drinking and loneliness to which he refers as due to the lack of friends and being unfamiliar to school grounds led him to join a fraternity. For instance, his claims are supported based on personal experiences and personal observations such as students having difficulty of making a new group of friends, desperate to belong and academic background. Unlike Weschler, Bruffee does not use scientific studies, real examples and realistic solutions to adequately connect binge drinkers and introverts; therefore, Bruffee is less successful because he failed to support many of his claims, and his conclusion is incomplete. First of all, I would like to give Bruffee some credibility on his introduction trying to capture my interest on why binge drinking is an issue in college campuses, in which he provides statistic reports with cause and effect. However, credibility gets lost when he uses himself as an example of why students join fraternities to the extent to say that one of the reasons he joined was because he felt desperately to belong. In addition, Bruffee also implies that “Fitting in” motivates freshmen students to join fraternities and sororities which leads them to binge drinking. In my own perspective, his claims are lack of supports and based on assumptions of his own…
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