The Effects Of Binge Drinking On Teens

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For my research project I decided to look at binge drinking in teens. Binge drinking interested me because so many teenagers drink alcohol when they go out and don’t know what consequences it has on the body. Binge drinking is the consumption of an unreasonable amount of alcohol in a short period of time. I have chosen to research ‘What are the psychological and physiological effects of binge drinking in teens?’. I chose this question because I wanted to inform myself and other teens on the effects of binge drinking. The research methods used throughout my research were internet articles and a survey.
After researching ‘what is binge drinking’ I found that it is the consumption of a large amount of alcohol on a single occasion or drinking at a constant rate over a number of days or even weeks. Binge drinking is risky business. The powerful liquid known as alcohol has major effects on a person. Alcohol has the ability to wreck a person’s life and change it permanently. Alcohol impairs judgement making it easy for someone to do or say something that he or she will regret. For a male to binge drink he has to drink 5 or more standard drinks in a 2 hour period. For a female it is only 4 or more standard drinks in a 2 hour period. This could vary of the weight and age of the person. When conducting my survey I asked the participants how many drinks they believe classified as binge drinking.

Figure 1 showing some of the results for survey about home many drinks they believed…
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