The Effects Of Black Stereotypes On Mass Media

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Initialization and Declination of Black Stereotypes in Mass Media The first Academy Award ever obtained by a black American occurred in 1940 during the 12th annual Academy Awards. Hattie McDaniel prevailed in the category of Best Supporting Actress through her depiction of Mammy in Gone with the Wind. This happened during the times of The Amos 'n ' Andy Show, a radio broadcast along with a television program regarding two African American fellows performed by Caucasian men. In what way can an actress accomplish the peak of achievement whilst the color of her skin is being exploited to degrade people of her ilk? The discovery for the solution lies in analyzing scholarly reviews, journals, newspapers, movies, primary actors and directors involved in the filmmaking process that depicts this racial enigma. Black Stereotypes in film have always been rooted in films since cinema’s genesis but for this research, I will be focusing on Classical Hollywood era leading into Blaxploitation movement.

Thomas Cripps, author of Making Movies Black: The Hollywood Message Movie from World War II to the Civil Rights era, claims that trendy entertainments in addition to films facilitated conversion in our viewpoints concerning race within America. The mass media system that was designed for belittling the African race was correcting the social problems it generated. Cripps examines various movies beginning with post-war cinema and leading into the Civil Rights era. This book presents
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