The Effects Of Bottled Water On The Society

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The United States is constantly saying to go green. "Going green means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles” (Going Green). There are a variety ways that people can go green. One specific way they can do this is by not using plastic water bottles. Bottled water is a worldwide item used in a person’s everyday life. It is so commonly used even though it is far more costly than filtered water or tap water, and even sometimes gasoline. Bottled water has a significant impact on the environment, as well as the health of individuals. It is important to understand what exactly the impact of bottled water has on the universe today. People try and say that bottled water is safer, more convenient, and helps provide employment in numerous ways. Bottled water may be purer than water from the tap, but it comes with a price. It may employ people, but in comparison to the price of manufacturing and selling water bottles, it is a small amount. Plastic water bottles are prohibiting the United States from going green by negatively destructing our environment, hurting the economy and harming human lives. Bottled water is affecting the environment in a negative way. Most individuals in the Unites States have access to tap water, yet everyone would rather drink water from a bottle. The logic to buying bottled water is usually either because a person does not like the smell or taste of tap water, or

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