The Effects Of Bullying And Cyber Bullying

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The effects of bullying and cyber bullying in today’s society have grave consequences that can lead to the untimely deaths of many children throughout the nation. In the past there have been numerous incidents involving teenagers shooting up schools and most recently children taking their own lives because they were tortured, teased in school, and made fun of online in their very own homes. What is a bully and what can we do to prevent our children from harming themselves and others because of these so called mean girls and boys? What are the effects and outcomes of being bullied in school and online? A bully by definition in most cases is one who is harassing, picking on and being cruel to another human being because of their different personality, lifestyle, race, physical features and other various qualities. However, a bully can also be someone who was once bullied themselves and is now lashing out on others. Bullying may be physical, verbal, psychological/emotional, and even sexual and can also take place online. (Hess and Wrobleski 232) There are two different forms of bullying which are bullying in schools and cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can take place on the internet via instant messaging, facebook, instagram, other social network sites and other forms of internet chat rooms that children participate in on a daily basis. Cyber bullying can also happen via text messages on cell phones. Usually with cyber bullying teens are put at risk for photos being posted

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