The Effects Of Bullying On Children 's Learning And Development Essay

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1. Introduction Bullying in Australian primary schools has become an epidemic, having a negative effect on children’s learning and development (Lodge, 2014). Therefore, it is crucial that schools and teachers are aware, understand and educated on how bullying can impact children’s learning and development; to be able to effectively implement policies, respond, educate and eliminate bullying in the school environment.
The purpose of this report is to highlight how bullying is a growing issue that affects children’s learning and development in Australian primary schools. The report considers what bullying is, types of bullying that can occur, contributing factors and potential effects bullying has on children; by applying social learning theory, sociocultural theory and the ecological systems theory. However, as bullying is a complex social issue that can affect a variety of people in many ways (Lui & Graves, 2011), the report does not include a comprehensive overview of every aspect; only those directly relating to bullying in the primary school setting. The report is divided up into two sections, a findings section, which presents information about how bullying affects children’s learning and development in the primary school setting; and a conclusion section, which provides inclusive policies and specific teaching strategies that can be implemented to prevent bullying in Australian primary schools.
2. Findings
Bullying in Australian primary schools is a current issue
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