The Effects Of Bullying On Children 's Health And Lifestyles Essay

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2 Bullying have the ability to affect children’s health and lifestyles. They have higher chances of developing mental health issues throughout their lifetime.“Bullied children are more at risk for developing health symptoms such as depression, abdominal pain, bedwetting and sleep problems.” (Minne Fekkes, 2005). They may also lack social interaction, trust issues, low self-esteem, and a great deal of suffers. They commonly develop depressions and feelings of despair, which has been linked to numerous teens suicide. The relation between suicide and bully first universally acknowledged was in the case of Columbine High School in 1999. The reports suggested that two teens had killed dozens of classmates and teachers while wounding many others before they committed their own lives. Later, the investigation proclaimed that angers and grudges from the result of bullying had taken part in the matter of their own hands. In light of the fact, a documentary in 2011 called Bully triggered more attention to the issue. It showed the everyday lives of several teenagers dealing with unwelcomeness from others. Soon after the release of the documentary, it caught the attention and more public became aware of it. (Gale Student Resources In Context, 2014). There are four types of bullying: Verbal, Emotional, Physical, and Cyber Bullying. Each of them include behaviors such as name-calling, social exclusion, hitting, sending insulting messages throughout the web, and intimidation. Children who
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