The Effects Of Bullying On Children 's Involvement

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Thomas Thompson was found dead in his bedroom by his mother Sandra when she returned home from work. Thomas was only eleven-years old and turned to suicide by overdosing on painkillers to escape the bullies at his school. According to James Tozer from Daily Mail (2015), “Thomas is believed to be the youngest child to take his own life because of alleged bullying.” Sadly, this is not the only story of its kind when it comes to bullying, suicide or the school’s involvement. Josh Sidorowicz from Fox17 News (2015) reports about thirteen year-old, Zoe Johnson, who took her own-life, after being cyberbullied on social media. Zoe was a member of the cheer team and just finished seventh grade. She reached her breaking point after being taunted all year long. There are various types of bullying to include emotional bullying, physical bullying, cyberbullying, sexting and/or circulation of risqué or nude pictures or messages about an individual. Miss Thompson, called the school the day of Thomas death. He had told his mother, “he had to get off the school bus to escape the bullies.” The school claimed there was no report of bullying by Thomas or that they saw no evidence of him being treated any differently than any other child at the school (Tozer, 2015). Thomas mother claimed this happened on a daily basis and he would often miss class. Even after Zoe Abbott’s death, kids continued with cyberbullying, tagging to Zoe’s Facebook profile “good ur gone” and other malicious
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