The Effects Of Caffeine Addicted Individuals Can Take Action For The Addictions

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breathing, is vomiting, having hallucinations, some chest pain, and if the individual is having irregular or fast heartbeats. Not just the an individual can have an overdose, if a breast feeding mother is consuming an increased amount of caffeine, babies can also suffer from caffeine overdose. This can happen when the mother’s breast milk contains excessive amounts of caffeine and is breast feeding a baby at the same time (James, Kristjánsson, & Sigfúsdóttir, 2010).
Caffeine addicted individuals can take action for the addictions. Since the withdrawal of caffeine can be unpleasant, individuals should slowly cut back one cup every three days until they are consuming no caffeine. This gradually decreases the intake consumed, which doesn’t cause the severe withdrawal symptoms an individual could have and makes the process more tolerable for the individual. (Maisto, Galizio, & Connors, 2011).
While there is some research done on sleep patterns, there is a decline in the research when it comes to college-age students and young adults. In a survey done at a private Midwestern University of approximately 1,125 students, only about 30% of students reported getting eight hours of sleep or more per night, which is considered to be the recommended amount needed during this developmental phase (Lund, Reider, Whiting, & Prichard, 2009). When an individual has multiple nights lacking sleep in a row, they will require more sleep than normal to account for this

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