The Effects Of Cannabis And Its Connection On Increased Schizophrenia

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THE EFFECTS OF CANNABIS AND ITS CONNECTION TO INCREASED SCHIZOPHRENIC ACTIVITY 2 The Effects of Cannabis and Its Connection to Increased Schizophrenic Activity This paper explores the parameters of three published articles pertaining to the study showing the correlation between the extensive use of cannabis and the development of Schizophrenia due to its use. However the articles vary in the experimental method by which this topic was tested. While all the studies examined the effects of cannabis and its connection to increased schizophrenic activity, the actual examination procedures varied from article to article from actual inhalation of cannabis, to oral intake, to cannabinoids that resulted in agonists; which provide the same or stronger psychological effects as actual cannabis itself. Contrary to popular beliefs, “weed” or its medical terminology “cannabis” is actually a lot more harmful to our bodies than we are aware of; in fact the younger the user is, the more harmful and long lasting that the effects of using cannabis are. It has become such a commonality among modern day high school students that according to Radhakrishnan, Wilkinson, and D’Souza’s “Gone to Pot” 11.4% of all high school seniors have reported using Spice, a chemically altered cannabinoid that produces stronger psychological long term effects that lead to serious mental disorders such as Schizophrenia. Demonstrating that cannabis is not truly as harmless as it is perceived to be.
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