The Effects Of Capital Punishment On Society

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Capital Punishment
Tyra L. Ferguson
SYP4514: Patterns of Violence in Society
University of Central Florida

Introduction Capital punishment was first noted in America in the early 1600’s (“Part I: History of”, 2014). Much like most of the laws in America, capital punishment was brought here and influenced by European settlers (“Part I: History of”, 2014). Many crimes that were punishable by death in its infancy in America ranged from stealing fruit to murder. Capital punishment met its turning point from a simple punishment of all crimes to only extremely violent crimes in the mid nineteenth century (“Part I: History of”, 2014). Capital punishment has had a turbulent history, filled with multiple question as to what crimes should be punishable by death. Many articles have been written on how certain crimes can be deemed punishable by death. It is questionable whether punishing someone through death is a deviant behavior in itself. The negative aspects of capital punishment has also been discussed.
Punishable by Death It is questionable whether the types of crimes being committed by many people should be punished by death. Stephen B. Bright stated it best when he said “It is not the facts of the crime, but the quality of legal representation” (Bright, 1994). In the journal written by Mr. Bright he explains why many capital punishment cases ends up with a decision of death, it is due to a lack of legal representation. “Poor people accused of capital
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