The Effects Of Capitalism On The Relationships People

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Durkheim perhaps provides the most analysis specifically on the effects of capitalism on the relationships people have. In general, he argues that the Expansion of the division of labour led to a change in social solidarity and thus the relations people had with each other. In terms of the change in social solidarity he argues that pre-capitalism society was less individualistic, as can been in his statement that ‘It was because men were grouped, and thought of themselves in the forms of groups, that in their ideas they grouped other things, and in the beginning the two modes of grouping were merged to the point of being indistinct’ (Durkheim, E & Emirbayer, Durkheim refers to this kind of social solidarity as ‘Mechanical solidarity’ which means ‘society is thus divided into quite small components which completely envelop the individual’ (Durkheim, quoted in. Lukes, therefore creating no room for individual interests and actions in societies characterized by this form of solidarity. Durkheim further argues that this is done through the conscience collective which is ‘extensive and strong’ and harmonizes men’s movements in detail (Durkheim.1902 as quoted in.Lukes, Most importantly, Durkheim explicitly states that ‘Segmented social structures were further characterized by a low degree of interdependence’ (Durkheim 1902 as quoted in Lukes, However, this form of solidarity is not what characterizes
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