The Effects Of Carbon Emission From Tropical And Subtropical Ecosystems

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Understanding the effects of carbon emission from tropical and subtropical ecosystems’ fires is crucial for understanding the potential influence they can have. The fluctuation in tropical fires can change the interannual change and the long-term motifs in carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. These fluctuations and other variables can lead to extreme, catastrophic fire events in the tropics and subtropics (which is determined here as 38 degrees South latitude to 38 degrees North latitude). The paper examines this spatial parameter in the years of 1998-2001. The paper examines peak fire times for different countries and regions. The paper also looked at relative burn area compared to a certain country or region. New…show more content…
The partitioning of the tropics into six, specific classes, which were classified with precipitation and tree cover. Tropical fires can change interannual and long-term trends in carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. These changes can have large effects on Net Primary Production, seasonal cycle of net biome production, and on carbon fluxes in biomes of intermediate moisture. The paper found out that about six percent of the annual Net Primary Production in the region between thirty-eight degrees North latitude and thirty-eight degrees South latitude was burned by fires. These changes can help magnify natural, smaller fires into large extreme fire events. One such example of this is the large 1997-1998 Brazil and Indonesia fires that showed that closed canopy forests can be consumed by fire when extreme climatic conditions exist and even more so when worsened by human activities. The paper examined used many different ways to gather carbon emission measurements among other measurements. There were a lot of new approaches, made over the last two decades, to estimate emissions like using satellites, improved GIS systems, and complete biogeochemical models. Earlier studies that used outdated approaches for estimating carbon emissions showed carbon losses due to fires on a large scale, either global or by continent. These earlier, outdated approaches used inventories of combined fuel, combustion factors,
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