The Effects Of Cell Phones On Our Lives

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Due to increasing technological innovations, many people are gradually trapping themselves in the web of cell phones. Even with primary laws in effect, drivers are tempted to text and drive on the road, and it has only brought grave consequences. According to the United States Department of Transportation, “It is estimated that drivers who text while on the road contribute to at least 100,000 collisions each year (qt. in Northwest drivers Admit). Besides causing careless accidents, intexicated drivers become a threat to society because other people’s safety is at risk. Since text messages are more important than the outside world, drivers shift all of their attention to unimportant conversations. However, what people do not realize is that this exciting conversation is a leading factor in many car wrecks (Moser). Because of an increase in deaths, current texting and driving laws have proven to be ineffective and need to be revised. As time has passed, cell phones have overshadowed the need for public safety, and this has taken the lives of many adults and adolescents alike. Despite the dangerous consequences, many drivers still have a tendency to text and drive. For those drivers wishing to ignore safety, in order to text and drive are five times more likely to be involved in a crash (Winters 28). “When you see a driver of a car with his or her head tilted forward, you can safely assume they are in the throes of a text conversation (qt. in The High Risk). Unlike other
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