The Effects Of Cell Phones On Teenagers

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Kenzie Brown Mrs. Miller English 12 6 December 2015 The Effects of Cell Phones on Teenagers “Today 78% of teens now have a cell phone, and almost half (47%) of them own smartphones. This translates into 37% of teens who have smartphones, an increase from just 23% in 2011 (Madden 2).” From the Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto, California a study was done on how much texting is done in one day. This study shows that students communicate with a large number of contacts for long periods of time, and engage in multiple conversations with as many as 9 people at once. Since phones have been invented, people now do not talk in person as much. Back before cell phones were used, teens could actually keep a face to face conversation going. “Teens are just as likely to have a cell phone as they are to have a desktop or laptop computer. Increasingly, these phones are affording teens constant mobile access to the internet — in some cases serving as their primary point of access”(Madden 3). This being the reason for quickly losing the ability to communicate with others. Teenagers have taken complete advantage of technology and it is affecting them negatively in their communications and health. Not wanting to think for themselves and just sit around is on a rise for teenagers. One of the main reasons for this laziness is cellphones. Using google is one of the first approaches to figuring out the things that we need. Google allows us to look up just about anything in this world. In
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