The Effects Of Censorship On The World Essay

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The demand for a variety of situations was not only expected of theatre but also other aspects of their metropoliantin life, shop windows became more and more extravagant and advertisements became more colourful to fulfil the need for an over stimulant diet (JeJelavich 24). Even what the working class and bourgeoisie were consuming at the time was a sugar thus stimulate based diet. Around the turn of the century “many observers of German culture concluded that a new performing art was needed”(Jelavich 26) it needed meet a middle ground between “ the mindlessness of popular variety shows and the incomprehensible esoterism of avant-garde”( Jelavich 26). This is when the form cabaret came to the rescue. Berlin had over fifty theatres in operation as the wartime censorship had been abandoned this new edgy artistic movement evolved. The German currency, the Mark, was significantly devalued compared to many other currencies. It became an attractive destination for those wanting a thrill seeking and edgy night life, with none of the prohibitions of censorship that may have been in force at home. Cabaret, as an art form had originated many years before, but under authoritarian government with censorship. Thus Cabaret became the embodied version of the metropolitan city within an art form during the Weimar era. Jelavich gives the reader a definition of an ideal type of cabaret that would have consisted of the following attributes. The cabaret would have had a small stage
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