The Effects Of Change And Re Evaluation Of The Process And The Expected Outcomes

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Feedback about the effects of the change and re-evaluation of the process and the expected outcomes is vital and coincides with the quality improvement activities within the practice (Dontje, 2007).
The EBP will be conducted in Providence Hospital (PH), a 408-bed facility in Washington, DC that offers care in a variety of medical specialties (Bariatric Services and Wellness programs, Behavioral Health, Cardiology, Diabetes, Emergency Services, Geriatric Medicine, Oncology and Orthopedics). The EBP will use six of the 14 nursing units to pilot the proposed intervention. The pilot six nursing units will be chosen after a review of the hospital’s patient handling workers compensation claims that occurred during the previous year. The nursing units that have experienced the highest number of patient handling injures, regardless of type, will be the chosen as the six pilot nursing units.
Participants in this proposal will include nurses and support staff (PCT) over 40 years of age. The participants will be active employees of PH. Participants will perform patient handling tasks of repositioning and transfers on one of the six pilot nursing units. Participants will receive a peer-to-peer educational sessions on how safe patient handling tasks can be accomplished. These study participants will be evaluated at different periods of time (before and after intervention) for back pain.
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