The Effects Of Change In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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Change has impacted everyday life and the big picture in people's lives. People have dealt with change for ages. It is a challenge that people must face at some time in our lives. In Chinua Achebe's novel Things Fall Apart, he shows the effects of change on a civilization of people and their ways of dealing with it. It shows the story of the Igbo people and their story of change from colonization. From the arrival of Christian missionaries, things began to change for these people and they had to learn to deal and live with a new culture, turbulent results followed. Achebe portrays a positive change through constructive institutions and a peaceful religion, however with negative tradeoffs such as racist hierarchical problems.
Institutions such as hospitals and markets are a positive change in Umuofia brought from the white people. Hospitals allowed for the Igbo people to heal themselves, therefore, making it a positive change. When Mr. Brown learns that the Igbo people cannot be won over with a frontal attack, he builds a “ little hospital” for the Igbo to heal and see the white men are not as bad as they may seem(Achebe 181). The fact that hospitals were built in Umuofia brought medicine and healing into the village of Umuofia, therefore, making a positive change in the village. This, therefore, displays the positive trade-offs because of the healing and medicine that came to Umuofia. Another positive institutional change in Umuofia is the building of trade markets
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