The Effects Of Chartist Gained Support On Economic Conditions

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There is evidence within the extract to support each explanation of how chartism gained support, however a reactions to economic conditions was stressed more by the speaker. This could of been due to people believing this to be the most important part of chartism and related to it more. Many people but not all, also believed that being part of the political movement would help to resolve the economic condition, while also being part of a community in a time were social exclusion was a major part of society. The economic conditions was a major part in gaining support in chartism. Chartist reached out to the working class people who were struggling within society. The poor law and tax increases was making it harder for the working class people to survive, this lead to poverty and people entering the workhouse. Another factor was the poor working conditions and low wages that were causing ill heath. Evidence within the article to support how chartist gained support is “with this nation suffering its liberty and rights to be remorselessly trampled upon by murderous factions, jobbers and commercial blood sucking vampires” This is a sticking statement of how the middle class employers were seen as a higher class of people, who were exploiting the working class. Another point to make it that chartist struggled to gain support in agricultural places and that most of the support came form industrial cities were the population was higher. A reference to this is seen in a

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