The Effects Of Child Abuse And Neglect Affect A Child 's Growth And Development

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My research question was “How might the impact of child abuse and neglect affect a child’s growth and development?” • Act of child abuse and neglect results in a child’s harms, including physical, emotional, exploitation or death (S6) • Children are some of the most vulnerable members of our society, because of dependence on others to get their needs met (S6) • Child abuse and neglect is one of Australia’s biggest and most misunderstood social problems. Despite being under-reported, Australian authorities confirmed 40,844 children were abused or neglected in one year alone*. • That’s one child every 13 minutes suffering physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect, often by someone they know and should be able to trust; most often in their own home. Thousands of more cases go unreported, and the number of children and young people in out-of-home care is increasing. What is considered child abuse and neglect? (300 words) (S1) (S5) Child abuse and neglect are caused by any types of intentional behaviour by caregivers, adults, adolescents that occur over time and may cause a risk of physical, psychological or emotional injury to a child or young person (S2) (S1) (S5) There are different types of child abuse and neglect including physical, emotional, sexual abuse, physical or emotional neglect. Other forms of child maltreatment include parental mentally illness, incarceration, substance dependence, parental separation or divorce, domestic violence (S7) Neglect is
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