The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children

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Looking at another Side of Child Abuse
The Different Processes
Child abuse is a topic that mostly everyone knows or is at least familiar with. It is an inexcusable action that is unforgivable, it can do detrimental damage that may be irreversible. Many see it only as the story that is told, but they do not see the effects it could have and the journey the children and families go through to change or have control of the situation. Children are the main victims of abuse but their families and peers also get affected by this unjustifiable act. Through the fearful situation they have experienced, they can develop physiological problem, go through the court system, but one thing they need the most throughout their journey is support, and their families and peers can also seek it to prevent future situations to develop.
This topic is important to me because I’ve seen how abuse can affect children when they do not have the support or stable relationships. It is a scary position to be in because they are vulnerable and are being manipulated. Most of these children think it is normal to be humiliated or be kicked around because they do not know what normalcy is, some see it as just a type of punishment but it has gone too far and they do not know it. Knowing the process these children and families go through, gives us a platform to become advocates for them, for the ones that are afraid to speak up or are not able to.
What is Child Abuse? Child abuse can be in any form such as
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