The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children

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Those who are abused as children may face many difficulties as they grow and develop. The repercussions of the abuse can have lasting effects that continue into adulthood, causing additional problems. Although research has been done on child abuse, it is important to understand the lasting effects the abuse can have on the victims. Recent literature has focused on these effects in an attempt to understand how to provide better treatment to victims of child abuse.
Young adults who are dating should be concerned about the risk of violence in their relationship, especially those who have been physically abused as a child. Those who were abused as children have a much greater risk of abuse in their dating relationship. However, there has
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There is a critical need for identifying factors related to dating violence, as well as constructing a testable model for further research. Previous studies have shown that physical abuse during childhood is associated with eventual subjection to dating violence (Fiorillo et al, 2013). Therefore, it is very important to understand the relationship between these two variables. A better understanding of this relationship could lead to better treatment and prevention programs, leading to a decrease in the revictimization rate.
The current study aims to further the knowledge on dating violence, especially dating violence associated with those who have been revictimized following physical abuse during childhood. The study focuses on only physical forms of abuse, and does not take into account other abuse such as emotional abuse. Researchers did not document the occurrence of physical abuse. Previous literature has suggested gender differences in the effects of revictimization, therefore the current study focuses on only women (Fiorillo et al, 2013). Additional studies could assess gender differences and focus on men.
A total of 314 participants were included in the study. Participants were undergraduate women from a midsize western state university who received extra credit in their introductory psychology classes for their participation in the study. Total anonymity was
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