The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children Essay

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Throughout history, there have been discoveries of child abuse in science, medicine, literature and art. At the present time, there are numerous organizations, societies, child protective services and charitable groups that have been built as a means to help manage and care for all types of situations pertinent to child abuse. In addition, there are many supportive laws and policies that have been implemented in order to advocate for the protection of children against any type of neglect and/or mistreatment. However, the global issue that is child abuse didn’t receive the proper recognition and awareness it needed until the modern era of the 1960’s, which was when the government issued child-protective services officially. Before this era, existed the time-span from the 1875-1960’s that belonged to the emergence of organized child protection but through non-governmental needs. This was the period that the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to children was established by Henry Bergh and Elbridge Gerry, which happened to be a turning point because it was the world’s first charitable society dedicated entirely to the protection of children. (Falconer, 1935) Prior to 1875, there was no such thing as organized protection from child abuse and children were not nearly as protected as they are now but society was aware of the issue at large and interventions sometimes occurred. Fortunately. We have come a long way in preventing and managing child abuse because today,
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