The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children Essay

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According to the Children, Young persons and their Families Act (1989) abuse is defined as “A Child or Young Person who is being, or likely to be harmed (whether physically, emotionally, or sexually), ill-treatment, abuse, neglect or deprivation of any child or young person.” It is also important to understand that abuse may be intentional (physical abuse for example) or unintentional (for example mental abuse or neglect.)
Child abuse has been on the increase in recent years and the numbers of children potentially being abused is significantly larger than generally expected. Creighton (2004) states that 570,000 referrals were made concerning child maltreatment and neglect to social service departments across England and Wales in the year 2002-03, surprisingly despite the introduction of legislation and safeguarding services designated to protect children, it is still a serious issue with 612,600 referrals made to the same services in 2011. DfE (2011) signs and symptoms of Abuse there are a large number of signs and symptoms that would be associated with the various types of abuse and identifying and assessing what is deemed as accidental is important when considering if a child is at risk.
Abuse is heavily linked with the different parenting and behaviour styles such as attachment theory, in which Bowlby (1988) discusses the difference between secure and unsecure attachments. In relation to abuse and safeguarding, children who have developed unsecure attachments have more

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