The Effects Of Childhood Obesity: An Epidemic In Our Nation.

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The Effects of Childhood Obesity: An Epidemic in Our Nation
Seema Patel

A Capstone Proposal Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree
Master of Healthcare Administration

March 2017

The Effects of Childhood Obesity: An Epidemic in Our Nation
Childhood obesity is a greatest public health concern in our nation because it has an immediate and long-term effect on morbidity and mortality later in life. Experts in this epidemic suggest that there is an immediate need for an action and leadership that is required to intervene this disease (Reilly, Methven, McDowell, Hacking, Alexander, Stewart, & Kelnar, 2003). According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data for 2011 and
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Interpersonal subset, which includes family, culture, values, etc., communities consist of parks and recreational centers, neighborhoods, and media, organization includes healthcare, schools, workplace, and faith-based organizations, and lastly public policy incorporates rules, laws, regulations, and government (Stea, Haugen, Berntsen, Guttormsen, Overby, Haraldstad, & Abildsnes, 2016).
Social Factors: Children of many various ethnicity have greater implications with obesity, however studies have shown that Hispanic American children (both genders) and African American female children are effected at higher rate than European Americans and Asians (Salinas, Leyao, & DeWan, 2016). Numerous studies including BMC genetics have directly associated low household income to higher likelihood children being obese or overweight. According to the CDC 2000 growth reference, adolescence ages 12-19 are obese or over-weight with the body mass index (BMI) ≥95th, that is one in six child in the United States (Diesel, Eckhardt, Day, Brooks, Arslanian, & Bodnar, 2015).
Early adolescence obesity in Hispanic and Caucasian females demonstrate health, social, and behavior issues in which, significantly lower levels of self-esteem,
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