The Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse On Children

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One in six boys in the United States have experience childhood sexual abuse by the time they are 18 years old. The effects of childhood sexual abuse can be long-lasting and is a huge public health problem. There is a belief that male victims of sexual abuse do not suffer from the same negative impact that female victims do and we, as a society seem to turn a blind eye and minimize the impact when it comes to male victims. However, there is empirical support that shows men, like women, who experience sexual assault may suffer from mental and physical health problems as a result of sexual abuse which can lead to a variety of problems which includes internalizing and externalizing problems such as depression and anxiety, shame, fear, embarrassment, aggression, drug and alcohol addiction, avoidance, and low self-esteem. Sexual abuse is painful and traumatic no matter who it happens to, but males who have been sexually abused often delay disclosure and carry their feelings around in silence or use avoidance coping strategies so they can try and live a normal life.
There is a lot of research being done to study the aftermath of sexual victimization among men and the effects it has on men’s health and well-being. One such study conducted by Vancouver School of phenomenology focused on 7 men from Iceland who had been sexually abused as children; who has received post-traumatic treatment; and who at the time of the research had a good support system. The men who the research was…
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