The Effects Of Children With Learning Disabilities On Their Families

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Life in a family that has a child with a learning disability is often both complex and challenging. There are generally many practical as well as emotional issues involved. Many things have to be considered such as educational, medical, and financial decisions. There are many issues that may arise from having a child with a learning disability such as “family stress, parenting discrepancies, negative reactions from extended family members, difficulty in interacting with the school, and mixed effects upon siblings” (Dyson, 2010). In this essay I will discuss the main points of Dyson’s article, “Unanticipated effects of children with learning disabilities on their families,” things I learned from the article, potential challenges and benefits for families, evaluate the influence of the cultural background of children with high-incidence exceptionalities, discuss the ecocultural perspective, and supports or interventions recommended from this perspective. Dyson’s article is about a study conducted on families that have a learning disabled child. The article discusses previous studies conducted on the effects of learning disabilities on families. It also discusses the results of their study in relation the study results they discussed “(a) the family 's emotional reactions; (b) parenting dissonance; (c) unsupportive reactions of extended families; (d) negative interactions with the school; (e) mixed effects on the siblings; and (f) family coping” (Dyson, 2010). Dyson’s…
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