The Effects Of Classical Music On Music

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How to start listening to classical music and enjoy it.
The love of classical music is not dead; it’s still active(alive?) in the sense that it is dying. To start listening to classical music, the concept is quite simple actually, you first must press play on whatever music playing device you have and make special note that it be classical music. Although the action to doing it is elementary, there are other factors you have to consider. For example: motivation, electricity/internet, and your mood, but I digress. If only we lived in the 1750-1830s, when men wore fake luscious wigs and high heels, this would be our jam! First, you need to lower your expectations and allow me to clear up some common myths.
The Paragraph of Truth
Classical music is boring only to those who are uneducated in music theory, similarly compared to those that watch football, but don’t know what a first down is. You understand the mass confusion that ensues. But you’re in luck, because this foreign language can be translated, and you don’t have to take a music theory class. “Infamy!” you say. No, I assure you there is a cheaper way, and that is simply to learn to appreciate the music (and all music) for what it is.
Turn Down (DJ Snake) For What?
Beethoven. Go ahead, ease into the change in music. You don’t have to starve yourself of music you like by binging on classical music that you abhor. Only a hardcore New Year’s resolution person would do that—don’t be that guy. Instead, decide whether you
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