The Effects Of Classical Music On Music

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What is defined as “good” or “real” music? How does an individual come to define that? Many would say that classical music is “real” music since it is the basis of music that is created today and it has lasted through time. It is still heard today, one of the first types of music to last. Others may strongly disagree; even though it has stood the test of time what actually makes this the sole definition of “good” music? It doesn’t, there really is not a true universal definition. There are multiple views on what is considered “real” or “good” and that is what needs to be brought to attention, that there is not a single wrong or right in this field. Merriam-Webster defines “good” as adequate or satisfactory (“Good”). There are billions of different definitions of “good” music because each definition of the music found to be satisfactory is created by a different individual. Music taste is largely based on opinion and where that opinion comes from is what is important. Everyone is different, so psychologically some people find one type of music more appealing over another, this taste is also influenced by the environment someone grows up in.
Being able to form opinions is an important aspect of life that humans develop as they age. Of course not everyone will share the same views, but that is what makes everyone unique. There are countless types of music in the world, and everyone is affected by music in one way or another. Once opinions on music are formed, however, there…
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