The Effects Of Climate Change On California 's Natural Water Supply

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Climate change is a growing issue. I have found that this is an issue that can no longer be ignore. One area that is effected even more so than others is California. Specifically California’s water resources are becoming depleted due to climate change. This is not only an issue of the future but of the present. If this trend continues on its predicted path not only will California be effected but our whole nation. It should be a concerning issue to everyone and is not to be taken lightly. I have researched the effect of climate change on California’s natural water supply. California has a diverse climate throughout, being a large state with sixteen different climate zones recognized. These can be subdivided into four major climatic zones as follows: North Coast, South Coast, Central Valley, and Desert/Mountain. Climate change is evident throughout the world and is a major issue. It is no secret that our planet is getting warmer. Global warming is now recognized in the scientific community as a real problem. There are multiple aspects that are causing this issue. Majority of the warming is caused by greenhouse gases. Volcanic eruptions and changes in the intensity of solar radiation have offset the warming partially. It is estimated that average annual temperatures will increase 3.5°F-9.5°F by the century’s end. Water is the most important resource, controlling all aspects of life. The effect on climate change is changing California’s water quality and quantity. This creates
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