The Effects Of Climate Change On Canada 's National Parks

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(1) Interactions In The Physical Environment: Climate Change
1. How does the climate change in Canada’s natural parks affect us?
2. How are native species specifically affected by climate change and invasive species in Canada’s national parks and why?
3. What can you do to reduce climate change in Canada’s national parks?
4. How does the climate change in Canada’s national parks affect North America as a whole?
5. How do you think that Canada’s government should react towards climate change inside and outside of Canada’s national parks?
6. What are the leading causes of climate change in Canada’s national parks?
7. What are the environmental impacts of climate change towards Canada’s national parks?

(2) Changing Populations:
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I know that the First Nations population pyramid reflects it as a developing country due to the fact that the signature big youth base and small adult top is present, compared to the moderate youth base and high adult top. Furthermore the living conditions as so bad for the First Nations in Canada that on average 4 or 5 families live in one house with an average of 3-4 bedrooms and over 100 communities nationwide have boil water advisories. My recommendation to help solve this issue is to help improve the housing and living conditions in the reserves by granting access to subsidized housing through various grants given to each community based upon the number of residents which would also open up a wide variety of jobs in the secondary and tertiary sectors. Recommendation #3 On the second graph it displayed the percentage of First Nations people in the total population of every province and Canada in general. I have noticed that graph has shown the fact that even though Canada’s First Nations account for about 4% of our population, the account for up to 85% of our population in some of our most desolate regions of Canada, but in most of our more developed provinces such as Ontario the First Nations people only account for 1% of its population. My recommendation to help the population distribution across the country is to encourage the First Nations to move to more developed provinces with more
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