The Effects Of Climate Change On Earth

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Humanity has had a substantial effect on Earth, one of the most noteworthy being climate change, with the significant increase in the concentration of greenhouses gases altering the climate of Earth (Walker and Steffen, 1997). The potential causes of climate change are a complex subject, with a wide variety of interwoven causes and consequences from both biogeophysical and human related sources (Peterson et al., 1997). While ecosystems have previously shown some ability to naturally adapt to climate change, this resilience have never been challenged by the pressures and demands of a large human population (IPPC, 2007). Here we explore the possible ways to reduce the extent and effects of climate change, primarily due to human related causes, to enable us to live in harmony with nature.

Climate is typically determined as the long-term average weather conditions, including seasonal changes, in a certain area, incorporating patterns of precipitation, temperature, wind, humidity and seasons (Cowie, 2007). These climate patterns play an essential role in shaping the Earths natural ecosystems, and thus a change in these patterns can consequentially cause a change in the Earth’s ecosystems, which subsequently affects all of the biota living within it. As discussed in the report, Preparing for a Changing Climate (2012), increasing levels of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, as well as other heat trapping gases, have caused the Earth to become warmer. This has
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