The Effects Of Climate Change On New Zealand Essay

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The Global Climate Change Debate – how do I know what to believe?
Increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide and some other gases in the Earth’s atmosphere are considered by most atmospheric scientists to lead to a global change in climate. There is some debate over this – not about the increasing concentrations but about whether this is the cause of any climate change or even if there is any climate change. How valid is this debate?
In this report I am seeking to show the effect of climate change on New Zealand, what is causing it, and why scientists think that climate change is happening. I have chosen the effect of climate change on New Zealand as my report topic as I want to learn more about the matter; I want to learn more about it as this is the country I’m living in and I want to know the extents that I can go to so that I can do my part in preventing it from getting worse; but reality is that my own little contribution isn’t going to change the effect climate change, instead there needs to be a greater number of people who are dedicated in changing what is happening to planet earth.
Why is climate change happening?
Previously, many scientists believed that any changes to the climate were simply just a natural part of planet Earth’s climate cycle, but over time it has become more and more clear that it isn’t quite the case. Most experts on climate now believe that humans and their activity are the main cause of climate change. Scientists agree on the fact that
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